Thomas Kinkade Disney
Collector Art Event
February 11th

Thomas Kinkade
Highlighting Event
February 11th & 12th



  custom framing

Steve Memering

Having grown up in Sacramento, Steve Memering is proud to be a River City native. He received his education at CSUS, Berkeley and Carnegie-Mellon. He, then, returned to Sacramento to live and work. Steve has had a long career as a teacher and artist. Today, he divides his time between painting sever... Full Bio

River City

SizeMediumEdition TypeEdition SizePrice

10 x 21 SN N/A $225$40.78 a month
20 x 42 SN N/A $850$154.06 a month
30 x 63 SN N/A $1850$335.31 a month
38 x 80 SN N/A $3250$589.06 a month