Aaron Johnson Art Event
June 10th



  custom framing

David Garibaldi

Born in Los Angeles in 1982, Garibaldi began creating at a young age. After relocating and growing up in Sacramento, it was not until high school, after walking away from a life of graffiti in the streets, that he turned his influences of hip hop culture into a positive direction. Unfortunately by... Full Bio

DJ Jewel

SizeMediumEdition TypeEdition SizePrice

12 X 18 Giclee on Canvas Color Culture 300 $150$27.19 a month
16 X 24 Giclee on Canvas Rhythm 200 $500$90.63 a month
24 X 36 Giclee on Canvas Energy 200 $995$180.34 a month
24 X 36 Giclee on Canvas Artist Proof 25 $1395$252.84 a month
40 X 60 Giclee on Canvas Magnum 20 $3500$634.37 a month