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June 10th



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Cao Yong

In 1962, Cao Yong was born into hardship in China. During the Cultural Revolution, his family was singled out for harsh treatment by the authorities because of their previously distinguished background. While other young children his age started kindergarten, little Cao Yong began working; at age fi... Full Bio

Garden Series
Grand American Series
Golden Coast Series
Hawaii Series
Mediterranean Series
Paris Series
Venice Series
Eastern Series
Tibet Serians
Toujour Series


A Walk in the Garden

Garden Pond

Garden Beauties

Summer Breeze

Girl With Musician

Koi Pond

Cool Water

Lily Pond

Afternoon Tea

Winds of Love

Age of Innocence

Spring Beauty

Garden Splendor

The Summer In Catalina

The Rising Fog


Avalon Bay

Cafe Bella

Cafe Prego


City Lights

Full Moon

Hyde Street

My Balcony

Powell Street

Santa Monica

TransAmerica Pyramid

Waiting For Captain

We the People


Paris, Las Vegas

The Heartbeat of New York

Life in St. Augustine

Tropical Hideaway


Lahaina Afternoon

Sacred Pools

The Vision Beyond

Twilight By The Fountain

La Colombe d'Or

Mediterranean Sunrise

Villa Encantada

Towards Serenity

Town Square

Lovers Under The Rain

Banks of La Seine

A Stroll in Monmartre


Pairsian Dream

Luxembourg Garden

Morning in Portofino

Dawn in Portofino

Thoughts of Amsterdam

A Quiet Moment

Pretty Life in Monterosso

Moonlight in Vernazza

The Departing Cat

Ponte Di Rialto

Venitian Sunset

Le Bistro

Evening in Venice

Across The Canal

Pleasant Day

Deja-vu of Venice

Day of Love

Memories of Venice

Red Umbrella

Venice Night

Morning Song

Under The Skyline

Morning in Venice

Drum Beating

Jiuzhaigou Valley I

Jiuzhaigou Valley II

Voice of the East

Love Without Border

Kaillas I

Pheonix Emerge From the Fire

The Laughter of Rakshastal


The Sounds of Nature II

The Wall

The Wall

The Childern Sang Old Song

The First Snow

Manasarovar VI

An Old Man and A Dog


The Sounds of Nature II

The Sound of Nirvana II

The Wall