Aaron Johnson Art Event
June 10th



  custom framing

Tina Schmidt

Retrofusion! That's the word that describes Tina Schmidt's work. Where swanky lounge glamour of the 50's & 60's meets the cosmopolitan life styles of today. Her subjects of parties, cocktails, and beautiful people amidst detailed backgrounds of art, design, and architecture have become a collect... Full Bio


Bikini Martini (1 of 3)

Bodacious Bourdauex (2 of 3)

Cheetah Rita Margarita (3 of 3)

Clickity Tic Till Five!


Well Hello There Fido (1 of 2)

Like My Stillettos?

Purrfilicious (2 of 2)

Tried the House Special

The Grand View

Pool Party I

Night Out in Rio

Happy Hour

Light Me Up?

Double Trouble